About Talk Child

Talk Child offers guidance and counselling in Child development and parenting. It was established in December 2002, to address the challenging issue of effective parenting, in a competitive, demanding and dynamic society.

Understanding children in urban Indian families, in the context of their culture and the western thought that influences them, has been the primary focus.

Concerns of urban and urbane Indian families, related to parenting have evolved greatly since the inception of Talk Child and so has the complexity of these concerns.

Contemporary parents are conscious parents. They seem aware. They seek information on parenting. However, exploding information at the touch of a key may complicate the otherwise natural process of parenting and not necessarily lead to untangling of issues.

The contemporary parent strives for growth and development as an individual too. "Parenting time” is a slot in the day’s otherwise crazy schedule.

Ironically though, work stress for the parent, both in and outside the home, in the Indian socio cultural scenario is to “secure” the future of the children.

So, parents are in fact striving hard for their children in a way and yet not enough, to be that "perfect" parent.